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Mission and Vision


Here to SERVE with CARE


CAPT Carolyn C. Rice

My Navy family, I am thrilled to share this overseas experience with you.  I have an unwavering
belief in those that wear the uniform, our Japanese partners, and the civilians-all of you and what
we can do together! 

You are leaders: 

As Ambassadors for the Navy and USNH Yokosuka, our success depends on you.   We shall carry ourselves with the utmost integrity, earning trust through timely and compassionate care to our service members and their families who place their lives in our hands.

As leaders:

I trust that you will constantly hone your competency and character. While this
occurs largely on the job, it must include character development and your commitment to our core
values and your shipmates.


You need to have a willingness to be reflective on how you lead and to accept
responsibility to lead by example. Our strength lies in our ability to reassess and adapt to
change, self-awareness affords us this ability.

One team, one Navy!

You will be amazed by what we can do together!  Treat all with   dignity and
respect.   A mentor, a Chief, or a Department head can serve to guide you along the way-grow
through these relationships.  Seek them out!
You are the leaders and ambassadors, you define this not in a moment, but in every
act of service.  I am humbled and honored to work with you, I’m all in!
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