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Immunizations Clinic

The Immunization clinic is open Monday-Friday 0745-1600, except for the third Thursday of each month (0745-1500). We can be reached during these hours at 243-9840. Note that No PPDs will be given on Thursdays, and The Immunization clinic is closed on weekends and national holidays.

What do I need to bring?

Please pick up your medical record before coming to the clinic. Documentation is an important part of your visit so that you receive the correct immunizations at the correct time. Also, if you have a shot card, we will be more than happy to update for you. We also accept a Bostecho (Japanese mother baby book), county and state records. In order to speed up the process, you may fill out the required forms here.

Do I Need an Appointment?

We see all patients on a walk-in basis. Active duty service members in uniform requesting services for themselves will have head of line privileges. Children up to six years of age need to have a current Well-Baby exam prior to receiving immunizations, unless only a PPD is needed.

How long is the wait?

There is a significant amount of paperwork that must be done for each patient, even if no shots are received. Each record is screened completely. Sometimes, it takes more than one corpsman to care for a patient at a time, e.g. children. Wait times are decreased when patients save their questions for their number to be called, allowing for a constant flow to the front corpsman. On the average, each patient takes 10 minutes from the time their number is called, if all necessary documentation is present.

What is the best time to come?

Give yourself enough time in case there is a wait. Wait times do tend to increase right before 1130, and again at 1430 (when school closes). Make every effort to be on time for your medical appointment, and you will be able to move in and out of immunizations more quickly.

When will I need my next shots?

After receiving service in the clinic, you will always be told when to return. Active duty have a schedule to follow that remains constant during their service. Command sponsored dependents and school-aged children have simple requirements that can be provided to you in writing from the clinic.

How often do I need a PPD?

How often a PPD is required varies, but a PPD risk assessment form must be filled out every year. The results of your risk assessment will determine when you need your next PPD. The form can be filled out at the immunizations department.

When will my PPD be read?

All PPD’s are read within 48-72 hours as per BUMEDINSTR6224.8. A card is now given to patients at the time the PPD is administered and a time to return is written on the card. We do need you to return with this card, your medical record and a shot card if you have one to record this PPD reading. It must be read in person by Immunizations staff for documentation accuracy and consistency (unless otherwise arranged).

What if I am PPD positive?

A measurement of 1-9mm is not positive, however, it is not negative either. We will simply document this in your record, and advise you to return in one year for a repeat. If you feel you have symptoms of concern, it can be done sooner. A measurement for an induration 10mm or greater is considered positive (reference BUMEDINSTR6224.8). Again, it must be read in person in order to measure the site. At some time, you may have been exposed to or come in contact with someone with Tuberculosis. We have further tests we need to do in order to assess your overall health. There is also medication that may need to be given over an extended period of time. BCG vaccine (often given in Asian medical facilities) will NOT cause you to be positive. Our staff is highly trained and competent and are happy to assist and educate you in this manner.

How do I get a new "shot card?"

The PHS-731 (yellow shot card) is available to all who desire it. Just bring us the medical record and any other verifying information to prove vaccination history and fill out a request. Copies are only accepted ‘certified’. All immunizations must have dates and signatures to be valid. In some cases, other research can be done to verify immunization history. We are unable to make these during regular work hours as they are time consuming. We ask you to allow 7-10 days to process this request and we will call you when it is complete. Please remember that during school registration time, we have triple the number of requests.

Can the school nurse read my child’s PPD?

We have developed a simple program for the school nurses to read your child’s PPD. When the school sends home a notice saying your child needs a PPD, make sure to bring it with you when you come to Immunizations. We will stamp the slip, which you then need to return to the school nurse THAT DAY. The school nurse will call our office with the reading. As long as it is zero, you will not be called about it. If a child does not have a school letter, or forgets to return that letter to the nurse, the PPD will be documented as “not read” and need to be repeated.

Can I have someone look at my child’s record?

Each patient’s record is screened for completion and accuracy. With this in mind, it is important that the corpsman screening records be allowed to do so. Please do your best to save your questions until you are called so that each patient can be given the full attention they deserve, and the risk of mistakes reduced.

Can I have a friend bring in my child?

In the event you do not have the ability to provide care for your child due to absence, you can obtain an “IN LOCO PARENTIS” or “Power of Attorney” in the name of the child for a guardian. This documentation must be presented at time of service, and should be put into the medical record as well.

What shots do I need for command sponsorship?

You will need proof of, or to receive three Td(Tetanus), three IPV/OPV (Polio), two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and a PPD.

What shots do I need for a visa?

You will need to receive (or present proof of receiving) Tetanus, MMR, and Varicella (chickenpox) depending on your age group. Call physical exams at 243-5349 for more details.

What shots do I need for travel to a foreign country?

First, please go to www.cdc.gov for any questions, or come to the immunizations clinic and we can help you. Please bring all immunizations verification at that time. Second, please visit your primary care manager (PCM) to review current immunizations and review the CDC recommendations. The PCM will then provide a “prescription” for any missing immunizations. Finally, you will proceed to the immunizations clinic where the corpsmen will review the record and get you up to date.

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