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It's sometimes necessary to transport patients to another medical facility to be treated when the capability to manage a patient is beyond the medical means available on mainland Japan. If such a situation develops, your physician will begin the necessary paperwork to initiate the Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) process for Department of Defense (DoD), Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) sponsored eligible beneficiaries.

Eligibility for Use of the MEDEVAC System:

DoD-Sponsored Patients.

Uniformed Services patients may be provided transportation within or between theaters for inpatient and/or outpatient treatment or consultation that is unavailable locally from any DoD approved healthcare facility, and for which movement is required.

Nonmedical Attendants.

One able-bodied member of the immediate family of any patient provided DoD-sponsored transportation may also be provided DoD-sponsored transportation as a nonmedical attendant and authorized to accompany the patient when competent medical authority determines that a family member's presence is necessary to the patient's health and welfare. Additional family members may be allowed to accompany the patient, as an exception to policy, when necessary to the patient's health and welfare after approval by the unit commander, or Commanding Officer of the patient's MTF, and concurrence of the Director of the applicable Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center (TPMRC). If a member of the immediate family is not available, another adult may accompany the patient in nonmedical attendant status on determination of need and written justification. Children are not eligible for nonmedical attendant status. The only exception are those breast-feeding infants traveling with their mothers and those children accompanying a family member with an immediate life-threatening condition who is traveling to undergo a potentially life-threatening surgical procedure (e.g. cardiothoracic or brain surgery).

Medical Attendants.

The patient's medical condition will dictate the necessity of medical attendants. Medical attendant responsibilities are shared between all Uniformed Services but usually rest with the reporting medical treatment facility.

Non-DoD Sponsored Patients.

Non-DoD sponsored patients may be moved only if such movement is in direct support of the DoD mission, or when it does not interfere with the DoD mission and is an emergency, lifesaving situation, or is authorized by statute, or requested by the Head of an Agency of the Government pursuant to the Economy Act.

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