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Getting Care

Appointments & Referrals

Please direct inquiries to one of the following choices

For appointments, call 243-5352, or contact your provider online using medical home port
For specific clinic hours and numbers, visit our Directory Page.

Other contacts

Command sponsorship program resources and contact info can be found on our About Us Page.
Japanese Fellowship program resources and contact info can be found on Fellowship Program.

MEDEVAC Office information and contact info can be found on the MEDEVAC Page.

For General Information and customer feedback: usn.yokosuka.navhospyokosukaja.mbx.customer@mail.mil
Command Ombudsman: usn.yokosuka.navhospyokosukaja.list.nh-yokosuka-ombudsman@mail.mil
Website corrections: usn.yokosuka.navhospyokosukaja.mbx.usnh-yokosuka-webmaster@mail.mil

Patient Portal

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For Stork's Nest Questions:


The USNH Yokosuka quarterdeck:



On Base: 911
Off Base: 119

Hospital Information-24H

US: 011-81-46-816-7144
DSN: 243-7144
Off Base: 046-816-7144

Central Appointments

US: 011-81-46-816-5352
DSN: 243-5352
Off Base: 046-816-5352
Make Appointments Online

MHS Nurse Advice Line (NAL)

Off Base: 0120-996-985 or 00-66-3382-1820
DSN: 94-888-901-7144
From US: 1-888-901-7144
From Korea: 08-0500-4011

Prescription Refill System

US: 011-81-46-816-4689
DSN: 243-4689
Off Base: 046-816-4689

Customer Relations

DNS: 315-243-8627
Email: Customer Service

TRICARE Service Center

US: 011-81-46-816-9528
DSN: 243-9528
Off Base: 046-816-9528

Emergency Room

US: 011-81-46-816-5137
DSN: 243-5137
Off Base: 046-816-5137

Dental Clinic Front Desk

US: 011-81-46-816-8808
DSN: 243-8808
Off Base: 046-816-8808

Fleet Liaison

US: 011-81-46-816-7105
DSN: 243-7105
Off Base: 046-816-7105
Email: Fleet Liaison

Periodic Health

US: 011-81-46-816-2855
DSN: 243-2855
Off Base: 046-816-2855

Voting Assistance Officer

US: 011-81-46-816-8508
DSN: 243-8508
Off Base: 046-816-8508
Email: Voting Assistance

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