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The Occupational Medicine Department provides clinical services to military and civilian personnel in support of the Navy's occupational safety and health programs. We offer a range of services for managing and monitoring the health of employees exposed to potential hazards. Examples include ionizing radiation, isocyanates, noise and asbestos.
Occupational Health performs job certification or licensing examinations for occupations that require an exam by law or instruction. Examples include respirator certification, forklift operator, explosive ordnance, childcare worker, and crane operator. We also assist with treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. Hearing tests (audiograms) are provided to active duty and federal employees who work in environments with hazardous noise and those assigned to the hearing conservation program. Occupational Medicine can provide consultative services to reduce employment hazards and prevent workplace injuries. Medical Surveillance and Job Certification physical examinations are done by appointment only.


Appointments are required for most services. Please call and schedule your appointment in advance. In order to make an appointment with the Occupational Health Clinic, personnel must have a Supervisor's Medical Surveillance And Certification Exam Referral (SECNAV 5100/1 [Rev 4/24/2014]). Department heads and ESAMS coordinators will fill this form out if the member is stationed in U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan and outlying branch health clinics. SEL's and ESAMS coordinators will fill it out if the member is stationed in any other tenant command. Once completed, call 243-5747 to schedule your exam.

Medical Surveillance Examinations

Medical surveillance programs are designed to protect workers who are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace. Placement of personnel in medical surveillance programs is based primarily on the result of the Industrial Hygiene Survey completed by the Industrial Hygiene Department. These hazards may include: asbestos, lead, isocyanates, cadmium, solvents, noise, ionizing radiation, pesticides, blood borne pathogens, etc.
Most physical exams are a 2-part procedure. Part 1 includes specific history questions, lab tests and medical ancillary testing while Part 2 is a separate scheduled appointment with the health care provider. Both of these evaluations usually take approximately 30 minutes.

Job certification examinations are for jobs that have specific medical standards, licensing requirements or are mandated by instruction. These include: firefighter, respirator certification, forklift operator, childcare worker, motor vehicle operator, explosives handler and driver, crane operator, etc. The examination frequency is variable, based on the certification. For a list of exams and their frequencies, visit our Health Exam page

Civil Service employees are eligible for care and follow-up in Occupational Health for their work-related (occupational) injuries and illnesses. They also have the right to choose their private medical provider for care.

For more information on the civil service workers' compensation process, please contact your Human Resources Office at DSN 243-8184. 

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