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Chinhae, Korea Health Clinic



Welcome to Branch Health Clinic (BHC) Chinhae, Korea. Our parent command is U.S. Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, and we are a tenant command of Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae ( CFAC). The clinic is designed and staffed to provide primary care to active duty personnel and command-sponsored beneficiaries assigned to CFAC and their tenant commands.

Our Services

Primary care is available for all ages by appointment, with availability well within TRICARE Prime standards. Well-baby and Well-woman care is available, and prenatal care is provided for uncomplicated pregnancies up to 38 weeks. Expectant mothers go to the 121st U.S. Army Hospital in Seoul until delivery. Pregnant civilians may choose local pregnancy care by Korean civilian providers for their entire pregnancy, but must decide at onset of pregnancy.

Specialty Care

Patients must be referred by the medical officer, and when possible, we utilize the 121st U.S. Army Hospital in Seoul (over five hours by car). Local Korean medical providers are also utilized as necessary and appropriate.

Civilian Healthcare in Korea

The quality of Korean healthcare is excellent, and many healthcare providers speak English. We currently have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Masan Samsung Hospital for specialty and emergency care which provides access with no billing requirements only by referral of the medical officer to active duty (AD) and AD family members/dependents.

Incoming personnel

Active Duty personnel must be fit for full duty. Prior to arrival all individuals (active duty and family members) must undergo screening per BUMEDINST 1300.2 series coordinated through a military medical treatment facility. We are unable to accept persons with chronic conditions (including most Exceptional Family Members (EFM)) that require regular specialist care and/or are reasonably expected to become life threatening (asthma, heart disease, etc). The determining factor for suitability at any location is almost always the underlying condition, not availability of a particular medication. Please communicate with us for all chronic conditions to ensure the patient’s needs can be met. Email for Overseas Screening inquiries: NHYokosuka-OverseasScreening@med.navy.mil


Our formulary is small but stocked to handle many common illnesses and conditions. Persons taking chronic medications must arrive with a 30-day supply in their possession. Most medications can be obtained through our on site formulary or through local Army pharmacy supply chains.

Optometry and Eyeglasses

Optometry and Eyeglasses are not available at this clinic. Persons requiring glasses should have an eye exam prior to arrival and bring a copy of their current prescription as well as a spare set of current glasses. Glasses may be purchased locally through Korean merchants if you have a current prescription. Eye exams and eyeglasses may also be obtained from distant US Army Optometry Clinics (Daegu).

Dental Care

Provided once per quarter by visiting U.S. Army Dental Personnel from 618th Army Dental Command in Daegu. When available, they provide only examinations, cleanings and simple dental surgery. Acute care is obtained from local Korean civilian dentists or more distant US Army Dental facilities (Daegu).
Veterinary Care
U.S. Army Veterinarians from Daegu visit CFAC as scheduled.

Health Promotion & Wellness

Please visit our Health Promotion & Wellness page tab located at the top for information on classes, education, and services. 


Emergency Care

The clinic does NOT contain an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center, however, clinic personnel may respond to medical emergencies on base. The clinic relies on local Korean facilities or the Army Hospital for all higher levels of emergency care and will transport patients to an appropriate facility immediately when necessary.

Call your local emergency services number or go immediately to an ER.
Enrolled in a TRICARE Prime plan?
Contact your primary care manager within 24 hours or the next business day after you receive emergency care.

Closed for Federal and Training Holidays.

All clinics will be closed on the following dates for federal and training holidays.

Federal Holidays (Observed): 
Monday. 12 October 2020
Wednesday, 11 November 2020
Thursday. 26 November 2020
Friday. 25 December 2020
Friday. 1 January 2021
Monday. 18 January 2021
Monday. 15 February 2021
Monday. 31 May 2021
Sunday. 4 July 2021
Monday, 6 September 2021


Health Promotion & Wellness

The mission of the Health and Wellness program is to promote health and fitness through awareness, programs and services offered to military personnel, family members, civilians and other eligible beneficiaries in the Community. 
Regularly offered classes, services, trainings, and presentations can be arranged virtually through the core facility, US Naval Hospital Yokosuka's Regional Health Promotion & Wellness Department. 

We offer individual or group counseling and services on the topic of Tobacco Cessation, Weight Management, Nutrition Coaching, and the ShipShape Program.  The HPW Program offers various other Health & Wellness Activities & Classes throughout the year. 

Please visit the Regional Wellness Center and Health Promotion Department's webpage for more information and description of services at:

If you or your command or organization is interested in a having a presentation or training on wellness related issues, please contact the local HPW Coordinator at 763-8795.

Or email the Regional HPW Program Clinic-

Or call:
DSN: 315.243.9776
Local: 046.816.9776


Contact Us


0730-1630 M-F

Urgent Care Available 24/7

Appointments & Information:

DSN 762-5415
From US: 011-82-055-540-5415

DSN 762-5469
From US: 011-82-055-540-5469

MHS Nurse Advice Line (NAL)

DSN: 94-888-901-7144
From US: 1-888-901-7144
Korea Off Base: 08-0500-4011

Officer In Charge

LCDR Joshua D. Sohn

PSC 479, FPO, AP 96269

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